apply to be a model.

To apply to join us as a model please complete the application form below.

12 to 18 Management train and represent models for fashion, editorial, and commercial work, in both still photographic and video performances. Our main age range is as our name suggests between the ages of 12 and 18. We do however take on younger models as young as 7 in our junior section. We have no specific height or weight requirements and do not need you to have done any modelling previously.

For training purposes we do ask that new models are prepared to commit to attending our group training shoot sessions which are held monthly on the first full weekend of the month. Each group shoot weekend we hold four sessions, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon. You book one of these sessions each month, and subject to qualifying criteria, eight of the twelve sessions each year are free.

If you fit the criteria mentioned above then please feel free to apply. All serious applications will be considered.

Please note

ALL applications will only be accepted with the consent of a parent, legal guardian, or carer. The first thing we will do on receiving your application is contact the person specified, therefore all potential new models MUST ensure that they have discussed the application with this person BEFORE applying.

Parent details

Enter details of the parent, legal guardian, or carer, supporting this modelling application. After entering your mobile phone number please click the "Get my code" button. This will then send you a text message containing an 8 character code which you should enter in to the validation code box. This verifies that the mobile phone number you have given us is yours and is correct.

Once you have entered your phone number click the "Get my code" button.
New model

Enter the details for the new model below.


So that we can see if you have model potential please upload two photos. The first should be a head shot clearly showing your face. You should have minimal or no makeup. The second shot needs to be a full length shot of your entire body taken from the front. Clothes should be fitted and not baggy so that we can clearly see your figure.

The head shot you upload should look similar to the shot shown, and clearly show your face. Do not use Instagram style filters to "enhance" the photo or your application will be instantly rejected.

The full length shot should look similar to the shot shown, and clearly show the full length of your body. Your figure should be clearly visible and not hidden under baggy clothing.


To be considered for representation by 12 to 18 Management we would like to know why you want to become one of our models? Try to give a detailed answer to this question and give us a good reason to want to meet you.

Test shoot

If your application is successful then we will invite you along so that we can meet you and give you a test shoot. These sessions are free but are strictly by invitation only. Please indicate which day you are available for your test shoot should you be successful.