our story

12 to 18 are not just another modelling agency, we're different, very different, we are people. Led by Nick and Jackie Beckley, we run our agency the way things should be run, by putting the needs of our models and clients first.

We know our clients will be demanding and want the very best from our models so we ensure that we will only ever send a model to a casting if they can actually do the job. For our models we make sure that they are always well prepared and supported throughout the entire process, from casting right the way through the shoot and to that all important pay cheque.

Our aim is to be the modelling agency clients and casting directors come to directly when they want quality models over the age of 12. We want them to have total faith in the models we send to them knowing that they have had extensive professional training and will know how to get the job done. But not only do we want to do this but we also aim to reintroduce the personal touch, seeing each job through from beginning to end with equal enthusiasm regardless of the client or scale of the job.

Nick Beckley - Managing Director, 12 to 18 Management Ltd.

Firmly by Nick's side is Jackie Beckley. Jackie is the calm one, the one who works tirelessly promoting the girls and boys. She's affectionately referred to by many of the models as auntie Jackie as she has a wonderful relationship with them. Jackie not only promotes the models but also offers emotional support to them all when needed. Jackie is also the joker at many of the training shoots, frequently taking any opportunity to photo bomb a shot if she can.

Jackie Beckley - Modelling Director

For me it's all about treating people the way I would like to be treated. I know not everyone feels that way about business but our motivation is long term. We intend to be around in many years from now. If you don't look after people then that won't happen! I take a personal responsibility in looking after the welfare of our models. Each and every one is like and extended family to me and it's that feeling of family that gives 12 to 18 it's strength.

Jackie Beckley (photo bombing elite model Erin Neild) Modelling Director , 12 to 18 Management Ltd.

At the very core of what we do is a small but passionate team of industry professionals. Training is provided by top models Callie Watts and Katie Green. The caring professional nature of both of these ladies along with their combined experience of over 30 years makes them ideal model coaches and mentors. Both have represented major brands and have a modelling career which started in their early teens or before making them ideal members of our team.

Katie Green - Consultant Modelling Coach

With more than 16 years of modelling experience under my belt, I've also been model coaching with 12-18 since 2012, and throughout this time the benefits of my mentoring has been clear to see. It is such a joy for me to see an individual's modelling skills go from strength to strength, and I'd like to think that I provide the invaluable knowledge and advice for pursuing a career in this industry. Modelling skill and confidence go hand in hand, and as a body confidence ambassador myself, I enforce a 'positive body image mentality' with all of the models, regardless of shape/gender. I truly feel that this is what sets 12-18 apart from any other model portfolio program out there; we nurture and care for our models.

Katie Green, International Model and 'Say no to Size 0' Campaigner.

People are at the heart of what we do and where would we be without quality models to represent? The obvious answer is nowhere and at 12 to 18 we recognise this. For us getting models on to our books isn't just a case of looking for a pretty face. We look firstly for personality. That doesn't mean all our models are loud and outgoing, far from it in fact, but what it does mean is they have the fire and determination to follow through with the goals of the management team. All our models want to be good and put so much effort in to their training.

Of course dealing with teenagers also means you get to know the parents really well. It's this relationship with the parents that really cements the 12 to 18 bond. For our vision to come to life not only do we need teenagers who have passion for modelling, but we need parents who share that passion. Here at 12 to 18 this could not be a truer fact. Letting a client down simply isn't an option and each and every single model and parent knows and supports this goal. If we say one of our models will turn up, then that's exactly what they will do. But it's not just about turning up is it? A client needs a quality model to work with and all our models whether they are 12 or 18 knows what's expected of them.