Address:The Barns,
Old Hall Farm,
Main Road,

Phone:01245 905 432

Please note: We welcome visitors, however our studio is not always manned, or we may be busy holding a shoot or workshop. If you would like to come and see us it's best to make an appointment. Visitors arriving without an appointment may not be able to be seen.

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Finding Us

To get to us you can come one of two ways, either from the A12 at Howe Green, or via the Rettendon Turnpike roundabout.

From Chelmsford (A12 / A130 / A1114 junction)

If you're coming from Chelmsford direction you want to aim for the Howe Green roundabout underneath the A12, at the junction with the A130 and A114. From here follow the signs to Howe Green. Drive through the village and out the other side. Continue for approximately 4 miles and you will come down a long hill in to Rettendon Common. You will go past the Bell pub on the left, and the Le Benaix restaurant. You will be in a 40 mph zone. Follow the road along coming out of the 40 zone in to a 50 mph stretch of road. The road sweeps to the left gently and then up hill to the right. You will enter a new 40 mph zone and about 200m on the right is a driveway with some electronic gates. There's a sign saying Workshops, Offices etc. to let. Turn in there and call us on 01245 905 430 and we will come and open the gates for you.

From the Rettendon Turnpike

If you're coming form the Rettendon Turnpike roundabout we're a little easier to find. Follow the signs to Rettendon Village. Enter the village through the traffic calming, where the road forcibly narrows, and drive past the school, through to the other end of the village. Drive through the similar traffic calming and in to the 40 mph zone. Don't speed up too much because about 150m after the traffic calming on the left is the driveway to the car park. There's a sign on the left that says Workshop, studios etc. to let. Turn in there and call us on 01245 905 430 and we will come and open the gates.

12 to 18 Management Ltd

12 to 18 Management Ltd,
car park entrance.