Talent Portfolio

Our leading models and performers.

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Ruby Quinton-Holt

Ruby Quinton-Holt (14)

Sophie Hood

Sophie Hood (16)

Ellie Hood

Ellie Hood (16)

Shannan Sandhu

Shannan Sandhu (14)

Sophie Westwood

Sophie Westwood (10)

Shannon Owen

Shannon Owen (15)

Tegan Wyatt

Tegan Wyatt (14)

Tegan Brooks

Tegan Brooks (15)

Paige Kelsey

Paige Kelsey (14)

Zoe Walker

Zoe Walker (17)

Liberty Sanders

Liberty Sanders (16)

Alesha Denney

Alesha Denney (10)

Olivia Selt

Olivia Selt (14)

Joshua Rowell

Joshua Rowell (13)

Erin Neild

Erin Neild (19)

Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Brown (17)

Aimee Ince

Aimee Ince (12)

Millie Sheldrick

Millie Sheldrick (17)

Katie Riley

Katie Riley (15)

Aimee Chaplin

Aimee Chaplin (10)

Charlotte Dickinson

Charlotte Dickinson (20)

Darcie Laley

Darcie Laley (16)

Leah Digby

Leah Digby (16)

Jersy Sandhu

Jersy Sandhu (18)

James Wadsworth

James Wadsworth (18)

Layla Wood

Layla Wood (17)