hi,homelesswas a mini project that came from a criticism that our models only looked pretty. They were keen to prove people wrong and chose a theme that really meant something to them.

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The Homeless mini project was part of a recent group shoot, which we hold each month. The models needed to express emotion through characterful poses and provide an authentic convincing look. They were keen to do the shoot with empathy and sensitivity. The last thing our models wanted to do trivialise the plight of the homeless, and we think they did so well.

One of our leading models, Erin Neild, had an extremely emotional take on the shoot. The look in her eyes and the sheer desperation in her face is quite moving.

Another of our leading models, Shannon Owen, also did an incredibly dramatic characterisation of the role, really getting in to the mind of someone suffering with living on the streets.

One of our newest models, Aimee Ince, who had been with us just one week at the time of the shoot came up with this amazingly emotional shot.