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What it is,
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why training?

We often get asked why do we train our models when other agencies don't. The answer is quite simple.... training makes you better. Training is an investment in your future and will help you stand out from the crowd. Training shows commitment and dedication to your chosen career, it shows you're serious. Modelling is a skilled and demanding job that requires each and every model to give a top quality performance every time.

training gives you the edge.

If you have been trained as a model or performer then you really have put yourself ahead of the game. Hundreds of hopeful models get submitted for every role. If you are trained then you stand out from the rest. What's more that training will pay off. When you're in a commercial situation where you're being paid hundred or even thousands of pounds to give a good performance, that performance will be so much better. It will be achieved quicker and with less retakes. The production company will love you as will the client, because you've not only given them a quality product, but you've achieved it efficiently and professionally.

other agencies don't charge, so why do you?

Let's settle this one once and for all, other agencies won't train you, and that's what we charge for. If you compare us to a "normal" agency and compare us like for like against the services they provide for you, then we could honestly say we don't charge either. In fact one thing we don't do is charge any fees, monthly or annual, for representation, whereas many children's agencies do, so in that sense we could even cost you less. We are purely commission based which means if we don't find you any work you don't pay us anything for representation. It's that simple.

so you're not a "normal " agency then?

That's right. Normal is just what everybody else does. Normal is average, mediocre or ordinary; we're different, and that's what makes us better. It gives you and us several real advantages too. One of the main advantages is that not only will we represent you, but we will also help get you the skills you need to become successful. Other agencies are unlikely to do this and will expect you to somehow obtain these skills yourself, in fact in many cases they won't even consider you until you do. They can of course say "we don't charge you", but then of course that's easy to say when they don't provide that service either. Boasting about not charging someone for something you don't even provide isn't that much of a selling point really is it?

12 to 18 Management will work closely alongside you listening to what it is you want from your modelling or performance career, and help you obtain the level of skill and experience you need. Yes of course this training has a cost, what decent training doesn't, however these costs are kept as low as possible, and some sessions are even free. As an example the most expensive workshop we do, which is a four hour stills workshop with top international model Katie Green coaching you personally, still won't cost you as much as a photo shoot with your local professional photographer. As a contrast to this, we hold regular free monthly group training sessions for those actively involved in our training program.

we don't sell portfolios.

One thing we definitely won't do is sell you a portfolio. In fact there is no way to even purchase one from us even if you wanted to. We don't even have a price for a portfolio, it simply doesn't exist. Almost every shoot or workshop you will get involved with will provide you with some sort of media, still or video, that goes in to your personal media library. This media is free for you to use to promote yourself as a model represented by 12 to 18 Management Ltd. You can even download the photos and print them out for personal use, there's still no charge. The only limitation we do stipulate is you cannot use our media with other agencies that you may be signed with, or take it with you should you decide to leave us, we do draw the line there, and we think that's fair enough.

we actually give you free shoots!

Yes you read that right, for those actively involved in our training program there are up to eight free group shoots available to book as well. These free group shoots allow you to practice your modelling skills alongside other models, which in turn increases your skill, experience, and confidence. You get to meet the other talent on our training program and get the support of their experience too. You will also get used to working with and in front of others in a very friendly and safe environment.

bespoke training.

still photographic workshops

Through a series of specific photographic workshops you will learn all the skills you need to pose professionally and with confidence for any given situation. You will learn what it's like to work both in the studio as well as on location. You will have the help and guidance of our top model, Callie Watts who at just 19 years of age has been modelling for over 14 years. You will even be coached by top international model Katie Green. Katie works extensively in the industry and has worked for major clients such as Special K, Avon, Wonderbra, and Monsoon.

video workshops

Modelling has moved on a lot in the last decade and video work is now pretty much an essential part of any model's toolkit. Through our video workshops you will learn how to work in front of the camera. You will get to know tools such as "Autocue", and become familiar with learning short scripts. To help you do this we have our very own drama coach, Nicola Saunders. Nicola has over 20 years experience in the performance industry and is bursting to help you.

catwalk modelling

Most of us learnt to walk at an early age so you would think catwalk modelling would be simple, well think again. Catwalk modelling is hard work and very demanding. Walking elegantly and with style takes practice. Doing it and making the outfit you're wearing look top notch takes skill. During your catwalk training you will learn all these skills, as well as dealing with the pressure of having 90 seconds to get changed in to your next outfit.

show reels

If you're going to do any sort of commercial, TV, or film work you will need a show reel to demonstrate your skills as a presenter or actor. Show reels are quite personal. They can range from a simple monologue, through to a complete scene from a TV style drama. Frequently they will involve just you, but in the case of acting show reels will often include other actors playing supporting roles.

mock castings & self tapes

As a model you will potentially attend a great number of castings. Sometimes this will be in person, on other occasions you will be asked to present a self tape. With our training we help prepare you for castings by staging mock scenarios where you come along and cast for an imaginary role. This could be anything from a still set of photos through to a scripted commercial, often with the successful model being rewarded with a very desirable prize. Of course not all castings are done in person, instead they are done via a self tape. Often a script will be given and you will be asked to perform the script at home, recording the video yourself. The process can be quite challenging so to help you with this we also issue self tape challenges throughout the year to teach you the process and keep you on your toes.

ready for business

Being professional is key, even if you're just 12 years old. We will help you right from the very start by setting you up with a professional working environment and tools to allow you to achieve your goals. We will teach you about things like preparing for a shoot or casting. You'll know what to always have with you, about things like bringing along your modelling card and your portfolio. We also provide our very own email service. All our models have their own professional email address for work related communications..

the program

Our talent training program is a flexible framework of shoots, workshops and training sessions designed to give you the skills that you really need to become a successful teenage model. Illustrated below is a plan of what you could expect to become involved with during your first year should you successfully apply to join us. Starting in month 1 (now) it details some of the exciting things you could get involved with. Please note that this plan isn't definitely the way it will be, it's a sort of average plan to show you what could happen. Nothing is set in stone and every model's needs are different. The plan steps you through each month in turn with examples based on what's happened for other models previously.


test shoot

Once you've completed your on-line application form if we like what we see you will be invited along to your new models' event and test shoot. This is where you get to find out about everything that we do, how it works, and how it can help you achieve your goals. You will get chance to meet the team and ask questions. This will also be your first time in front of the camera and it's very much your opportunity to shine and show us what you can do.

If we like what we see you will be given the chance to join us. As a part of that discussion we will set up the date for your modelling workshop. This is likely to be sometime in the following month.


modelling workshop

Your modelling workshop is where it all starts to happen. It's your first day as a trainee model and will be a tremendously important day in your modelling career. You will bring with you a whole suitcase full of outfits of all different types and be coached on how to pose in each of them. Coaching is done by our leading model coach Callie Watts. Callie has been modelling since she was 5 and has helped us develop our training program by being the guinea pig for every shoot and workshop that we do. During this workshop Callie will show you in depth a huge array of poses that you can then remember and call upon in future shoots. The modelling workshop starts off very much with you copying your model coach, however by the end of the session, some three hours later, you will be posing unaided for a series of shots as though you've been doing it for a long while.

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group shoots

Group shoots form the core of your training and you should try to attend them every month. Conveniently they are usually held on the first full weekend of every month. Each group shoot has four sessions, two on the Saturday, and two on the Sunday. There are two different types of group shoot. The free ones, of which there are 8 each year, have one theme that is decided upon in advance. The remaining four group shoots are hosted by Katie Green and have at least two themes, sometimes three.

Regardless of the type of group shoot a theme is published and the idea is for models to try and come up with a look or outfit to suit. Themes vary a lot and can be anything from a particular type of fashion, through to a more makeup related theme, or perhaps one where we flick paint on the models faces, or perhaps get them to pose partly submerged in a pool of water. We've used many different props for our shoots from a horse and cart to a snow machine. Regardless what the theme is how you interpret it is up to you. Some models go all out and will often be quite dramatic, whereas other will be quite subtle. There is no right or wrong way to approach a group shoot, the idea is to get more experience and some awesome shots for your portfolio.



We usually run catwalk training sessions three times a year, and they are hosted by Katie Green. Consequently you should book your place on these sessions as soon as they become available. Catwalk is about walking with class and elegance. Even if you don't see yourself as a catwalk model having catwalk skills is essential. We've seen many girls and boys who walk quite heavy footed until they have taken part in a couple of catwalk sessions. It's not unheard of during a casting to be asked to walk from one side of the room to another.

Another thing catwalk teaches is how to handle pressure. Getting changed in front of others, and having to do it quickly is something of a skill that you need to get used to. On our training sessions the boys and girls have separate changing areas, however they are not individual. There may be many girls especially on a catwalk session and they soon learn there's no time to be shy. To help you review your progress we often video our catwalk sessions.


one to one

By month five you will have done your modelling workshop and a number of group shoots. At this point we are likely to ask you to book a one to one shoot. These shoots are specifically tailored to fill in the gaps that we may have observed in your modelling skills. For example you may be finding it difficult to smile directly to camera. In this case we would work on this during your one to one finding ways to make it easier for you. Of course one to ones are not just about filling in gaps, they are a chance to practice what you're good at too, and also try new things.


video training

For those who are interested we also offer video workshops. There are many different sorts of video work, including presenting and demonstration work, TV commercials, both speaking and non-speaking, as well as full on acting roles for TV or film. As a part of our extensive video training we will get you involved in the use of devices such as Autocue systems, as well as script work, and improvisation. To help you do this we have our very own drama coach, Nicola Saunders, who has over 20 years experience in the business.


rising star and spotlight

By the time you've got to month seven, and possibly even before, we will have seen the way you work in the three main areas, still photography, video, and catwalk. Assuming you've reached the required skill level we will most likely offer you the opportunity to become a Rising Star. It's at this point that we sign your modelling contract and you become an official 12 to 18 model. If you like it's the point where things start to become just that little bit more serious.

Also around this time, because we will now start to actively promote you, we ask you to join Spotlight. Spotlight is the leading resource for models and acting work in the United Kingdom. It's where we get the majority of our castings from and without it you will be seriously disadvantaged. Spotlight does charge an annual subscription fee which you will need to pay at this time. Once paid we submit your application to join and assuming all goes well your profile should become live within 48 hours. We can then start submitting you for castings.


location shoot

The summer months are usually very exciting as we get to go out and about, escaping from the studio, to hold some rather spectacular location shoots. Most models like to do at least one location shoot a year. For your first year you may well be guided by us for what to do and where to go, however this is not always the case. Either way in the second year a model quite often likes to use his or her location shoot as a challenge and a way of showcasing their modelling skills and artistic direction. Some of our more advanced models do like to get just a little bit competitive at this point, but it's all very good natured.

This shot is of elite model Layla Wood, taken in Chelmsford late one summer's evening. Layla had to be patient to wait for the sun to go down enough to get the right effect. Taken outside one of the many shops, and using just the available light, this photo got Layla some considerable recognition.

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show reel

If you are interested in presenting, TV work, or even film work, you will need show reels. A show reel is a piece of video that shows your skills in action. If you would like to go down the route of a TV presenter then a show reel showing this sort of work is essential. Similarly if you want to act then you will need effective drama pieces demonstrating your acting ability. Acting show reels tend to be more elaborate and complex in design. You will need a script, and even possibly other actors to work with. You might also need a variety of show reels to provide casting directors with the relevant work examples.



Becoming an Elite model means that you've reached a very high level of skill in your chosen areas of representation. It also means that you now become one of our leading models and as such are considered for castings above Rising Stars and Trainees. There still isn't time to sit and relax though, it's very much a case of full speed ahead. At elite level you should be very committed to your modelling career, and determined to get better with every shoot.

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swimwear workshop

Every now and then we set up a swimwear workshop for girls who are interested in modelling this way. The sessions are titled "How to NOT look sexy in a bikini". This title pretty much sums up the purpose of the workshop. They are set up with posing for catalogues and TV commercials with emphasis being on poses that are appealing to other girls of a similar age. We're keen to stress this is not glamour work, it's the total opposite. If you need an example then think of TV commercials like Boots or ASDA where you have a scene with various people of all ages sat and playing around an outdoor swimming pool environment.

The sessions are hosted by Katie Green, during which Katie passes on much of her 15 years of swimwear modelling experience showing you exactly how to pose. She will show you which poses are flattering, and which ones to avoid. She will show you how to cover the inevitable creases in your body as you pose in certain ways, and she will also show you her famous "bread and jam" pose, giving you that perfect set of poses for any swimwear related shoot.

Swimwear modelling isn't for everyone. Some girls just don't want to do it and that's fine by us. It does require a certain amount of body confidence to pull off successfully. That said, elite model Isabel Croft, pictured here, wasn't at all sure when she first decided to give swimwear a try. Having now tried it several times and having had the workshop with Katie, she now realises it's one of her strongest areas.


advanced workshop

Once you reach elite model status you can then take part in an advanced workshop. These workshops are coached by top international model Katie Green, who will coach you down to the finest detail. Unlike previous workshops the target here is perfection. Katie will help you step by step with all sorts of quality poses with attention to detail being the key. Katie likes there to not be as much as a hair out of place, body shape and expression need to be perfect, and your outfit equally so. In fact it's as near to a professional commercial shoot as you can get.

Advanced workshops are a whopping four hours long and you will know you've done it once it's over. Most models go home and fall asleep for a few hours! You will have done fashion work, commercial work with products, beauty work, as well as some more relaxed lifestyle type shots. One thing for sure the quality of the photos form these shoots will be some of the best you ever do.

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