advanced workshops

Once a model has reached a high standard and has been given their Elite model title, they are offered an Advanced Modelling Workshop.

These are with top professional model Katie Green. Advanced Modelling Workshops are run with two models sharing a four-hour session. The session is intense as Katie gives the models the benefit of her tremendous professional experience.

So, What's Different?

There are many differences between our normal Modelling Workshops and the advanced sessions with Katie. Firstly, they are longer. Obviously, they are shared but all this means is that while one model is being coached the other is changing and attending to styling. The pressure is on right from the start as each session lasts around ten to fifteen minutes. A quality professional look is a must during these shoots. Makeup and hair are expected to be perfect, as is the model's outfit and presentation. Un-ironed clothes, pink bras under white tops, painted nails, hair bands on wrists, are all banned! The approach here is that every shot should potentially be the best of the day. It's a fact that when our models put together their portfolios many shots taken during their Advanced Modelling Workshop feature quite prominently, as this session covers all categories within your portfolio.

Another difference is the sheer number of sessions and outfits worn. You can expect to wear at least eight different outfits, possibly more. Outfits are chosen by the model concerned but are always within certain themes. The themes help cover all aspects of modelling, whether it be fashion, beauty, commercial, or street / urban styled. Katie goes through all these genres of modelling, giving her advice on each one drawn from her extensive knowledge. Every detail is polished, from facial expression, positioning of the hands in relation to the pose, and of course the bodily pose itself.


The photos on this page were taken at recent Advanced Modelling Workshops, showing a vary of shots you can get from this session.

The first aim of the day is what we refer to as a body crafting session. It's one about shape and grace and as such is best suited to a dance or gym style outfit.

The following set is often one of elegance and style and demands a classy fitted dress. The next set was all about being a teenager, so the outfit required here is "a typical" teenage outfit. Quite often this is something quite simple like shorts and a casual top.

Beauty shots follow which requires a simple boob tube or strapless top. The actual outfit isn't featured in the shot at all, so it doesn't matter what it looks like, it's simply to provide the obvious cover. Moving on from beauty we tend to go towards a commercial feel. Katie was well known for being a Special K girl and we often try to give our models a taste of what is involved in this type of shoot.

We then move on to more fashion related shots with a couple of different dresses. Usually it's one fitted and one flowing dress. Finally, we go back to what is often a typical teenage outfit. We let our models choose an outfit which best describes themselves.

What you get from an Advanced Workshop is a massive amount of knowledge that you can use time and time again in future shoots. Advanced workshops are very beneficial. Having the chance to learn from a top professional model is priceless. Katie comes to these sessions armed with a wealth of experience and ideas to create some amazing shots and refine your modelling to a very high standard.

Erin Neild

“Any occasion that you get the chance to have Katie Green help you is a great one and you should definitely take it. Recently, I did a workshop with Katie and one of the other Elite models; I've had the privilege of doing two of these workshops now and I honestly think they are the best ones to have. This is because it’s like a one to one but you have Katie there to help you throughout and doing it with another model as well means that it flows a lot easier, while you are having your pictures done the other model is getting ready and watching you, I also find hat watching each other helps to reflect poses and you get the chance to learn from each other as well, they may even do something that you like and then want to try yourself for your own portfolio. You get some lovely, professional and unique shots from this shoot and you get the professional help from Katie which a lot of models don't get. Katie is great at teaching you ways to pose in order to look your best as she learns what looks best on you and directs you in the right direction."”

— Erin Neild, Elite Model, 12 to 18 Management Ltd.

What we are aiming for here is a model who really understands the finer details of her/his profession. A model who is really committed to being as good as they can possibly be.

The workshop cost for this type of workshop are shown below.
Workshop typeDuration (minutes)DepositCost
Advanced modelling workshop240£60.00*1£220.00*2

*1The workshop deposit, if any, is payable at the time of booking, with the balance (cost minus deposit paid) being payable on the workshop due date, which is usually 7 days before the actual workshop session.

*2Included in the cost of this workshop is the right to use of all media recorded, still images, or video, while represented as a model by 12 to 18 Management Ltd. This includes the downloading of images for personal use. The only limitation is that you cannot use any media from these workshops for representation by other agencies, and should you leave 12 to 18 Management all right to the media recorded ceases immediately.

These sessions are only open to our Elite models. There is little or no point in anyone less experienced taking part as they require a very high standard of modelling in the first place. If you are interested in taking part in one of these sessions then simply contact a member of the team and they will happily talk to you about it in more detail.