free group shoots

Top up your training for free.

Each month we hold a group shoot. As you can see, eight out of the twelve monthly group shoots we hold each year are free.

  1. January - free
  2. February - hosted
  3. March - free
  4. April - free
  5. May - hosted
  6. June - free
  1. July - free
  2. August - hosted
  3. September - free
  4. October - free
  5. November - hosted
  6. Decempber - free
  1. January - free
  2. February - hosted
  3. March - free
  4. April - free
  5. May - hosted
  6. June - free
  7. July - free
  8. August - hosted
  9. September - free
  10. October - free
  11. November - hosted
  12. Decempber - free

Free group shoots are subject to having the necessary qualifying criteria. In between the free group shoots are hosted group shoots.

To qualify for a place on a free group shoot you need to have enough loyalty points. You usually need one loyalty point to attend a free group shoot, and you earn one loyalty point fro every hour of individual paid for shoots that you do.

So, What Are Group Shoots?

Each free group shoot follows approximately the same format. Before the booking opens for a particular shoot, a theme is decided, and details are published within the private area of our web site. Model's book their places using the relevant booking page and then get to work thinking about the theme and how they will best represent it.


Themes can be quite varied and one month might be about getting that perfect glam beauty shot, whereas other months could be about working together. The shots on this page came from different sessions with different themes, to show how varied the themes can be. One of our most recent group shoot themes was to “look good in a bin bag” where models were challenged to create outfits out of materials that you couldn't wear!

Although some group shoots have fun and experimental themes, some themes are chosen to focus on a specific category that models would find beneficial to them, meaning they could use the photos to update their portfolio or possibly recreate an old photo if it relates to the theme.

When we set a theme it's usually set in such a way that you can model it how you like. There is rarely a need for a specific outfit or look. Exactly what you do is up to you, meaning you can be as subtle or extreme as you like. The main thing is the resulting photos are for your portfolio and as such the only criteria is that you're happy with them.

Liberty Sanders

“Group shoots really give you the chance to explore your creative side and push yourself out of your comfort zone. How you choose to interpret the theme is up to you entirely and you can be as subtle or as crazy as you want. Because I've been with 12 to 18 for several years now I tend to go all out for my group shoots, however in the early days I was a little more reserved..”

“We've tried so many themes for group shoots. From simple makeup themes, working with wigs, using snow machines, getting paint flicked at you, or even taking a bath in milk! All the themes challenge you and make you a better model, they are also really good fun too.”

“One of the things I enjoy the most is the way the groups hoots allow me to spend quality time with my mum. We love designing outfits together, and together have even won the 12 to 18 Creativity award!”

— Liberty Sanders, Elite Model, 12 to 18 Management Ltd.

Shoot Day!

On the day of the shoot you come along and take it in turns in front of the camera. You'll get to see what the other models do and learn from them. The groups tend to be a mixture of both our experienced Elite models, and those with less experience right down to our newest starters. It's a very friendly group where the parents get involved almost as much as the models.

The workshop cost for this type of workshop are shown below.
Workshop typeDuration (minutes)DepositCost
Free monthly group shoot120£0.00*1£0.00*2
Creative shoot420£30.00*1£30.00*2
Hosted group shoot180£65.00*1£80.00*2

*1The workshop deposit, if any, is payable at the time of booking, with the balance (cost minus deposit paid) being payable on the workshop due date, which is usually 7 days before the actual workshop session.

*2Included in the cost of this workshop is the right to use of all media recorded, still images, or video, while represented as a model by 12 to 18 Management Ltd. This includes the downloading of images for personal use. The only limitation is that you cannot use any media from these workshops for representation by other agencies, and should you leave 12 to 18 Management all right to the media recorded ceases immediately.

Hosted Group Shoots.

Four times a year we invite Katie Green, a top internatioanl model, to come along and host our monthly group shoots. You can find out more about these here.