boys commercial headshot workshops

Male modelling is often very different to modelling done by girls. As such 12 to 18 have created a workshop specifically for the boys. It concentrates on three main areas, head shots, commercial shots, and lifestyle shots. In each case there is often an emphasis on looking cool, while not overdoing it.

Just because it's different doesn't mean it's any easier though. Coming up with quality poses takes a lot of doing especially if you're working with a very specific brief, such as when working with products such as aftershave. That's where Katie Green comes in. Katie isn't a male model quite obviously, but she has extensive knowledge in working with products as she has been the face of many top brands over the years. During these sessions it's this tremendous experience that really shines through; experience that Katie is only too keen to share.

The photos on this page was taken during a recent workshop and is typical of the style needed for our male models. In the shot elite model Ryan Groves is showing off his amazing handsome looks.

Another major part of this workshop is to gain some great lifestyle shots. Lifestyle shots are the ones that are supposed to look natural and not particularly posed. They might be taken simply sat in a chair, or even outside casually leaning against a wall. Of course, it goes without saying that the model in question must look cool while doing it.

Ryan Groves

“Taking part in the boys group shoot was fun. I felt in doing this shoot that I would have to give 110% to prove that I was a willing and able participant. Having Katie there was a great help and I was able to show her that I remembered most of what she had already taught me. However, Katie was there to impress on me: new poses, and angles of light, which I really appreciated. Working with the boys was quite easy as the boys are all easy going, and all have great sense of humours. ”

— Ryan Groves, Elite Model, 12 to 18 Management Ltd.

Posing in this natural lifestyle way isn't as easy as it looks and takes a lot of practice. Once more this is where Katie Green comes in. Katie coaches our boys in the art of looking cool until it's the most natural thing for them to do.

The workshop cost for this type of workshop are shown below.
Workshop typeDuration (minutes)DepositCost
Boys commercial headshot workshop180£80.00*1£80.00*2

*1The workshop deposit, if any, is payable at the time of booking, with the balance (cost minus deposit paid) being payable on the workshop due date, which is usually 7 days before the actual workshop session.

*2Included in the cost of this workshop is the right to use of all media recorded, still images, or video, while represented as a model by 12 to 18 Management Ltd. This includes the downloading of images for personal use. The only limitation is that you cannot use any media from these workshops for representation by other agencies, and should you leave 12 to 18 Management all right to the media recorded ceases immediately.