location shoots

Location shoots offer new and exciting challenges.

Once you have developed your core skills in the studio it will be time to venture outside. Working outside on location offers a completely new set of opportunities and challenges that every model needs to get to grips with.

One of the best and most obvious things you gain out of a location shoot is some excellent portfolio shots. Photos taken in the studio are great but getting outside and working in a real location is amazing. A lot of time and effort goes in to planning each location shoot, they are not something you can just get up in the morning and do.

It's a lot harder than it looks!

Working in a studio can be hard work but there are elements that are so simple you don't even think about them. However, when you're outside there are some basic tasks that become rather difficult, such as:

  • Carrying your modelling kit and wardrobe from location to location. For a long shoot you may need several outfits and you've got to bring them along with you. The chances of being able to nip back to the car to get the next one is quite unlikely.
  • Talking of outfits, getting changed becomes a challenge. Putting on a party dress outdoors with nothing but a towel to protect your modesty takes some doing.
  • Finding somewhere to do your hair and adjust your makeup can be almost impossible. Yet somehow, you're expected to still look good.
  • Then the distance you might have to walk to your location. That could kill your feet before you even start.

Of course, there are some features of an outdoor location shoot that are totally new:

  • There is a good chance you will have an audience. The good old British public love to watch a photo shoot, especially if it's a quiet location. Sometimes you're better off choosing the centre of London as their people don't seem to even notice.
  • The weather will make a huge difference, meaning you will have to adjust to different circumstances if the forecast changes.
  • On many shoots as a model you will be shooting fashion items out of season. So, winter coats in the summer and bikinis in the winter. Your job is to make them look great even if you're freezing.
  • It could of course be raining! Rain doesn't necessarily stop a photo shoot, unless its heavy rain, and in that case the shoot will either be rearranged or taken back to the studio.
Liberty Sanders

“For my location shoot we originally was just taking photos in a field/church setting, however we stumbled across an abandoned underground train which had been wrecked over the years. This was perfect for the shoot as it allowed me to get more grungy and nasty shots rather than just fun playful shots in the field.”

“Location shoots are one of my favourite shoots as you can go into the shoot knowing you're going to get a variety of photos that suits all different looks in all different backgrounds and you might even surprise yourself with how a weird unusual location, like the abandoned train, can give the best shots of the whole shoot.”

— liberty Sanders, Elite Model, 12 to 18 Management Ltd.

What locations can I use?

We have a small list of local locations we use regularly; however, you are more than welcome to suggest others. If the location is a private property, then we may need to ask permission and the location owners may ask a fee which would have to be paid.

The workshop cost for this type of workshop are shown below.
Workshop typeDuration (minutes)DepositCost
Two hour location shoot120£40.00*1£160.00*2
Three hour location shoot180£40.00*1£190.00*2
Six hour location shoot360£60.00*1£350.00*2

*1The workshop deposit, if any, is payable at the time of booking, with the balance (cost minus deposit paid) being payable on the workshop due date, which is usually 7 days before the actual workshop session.

*2Included in the cost of this workshop is the right to use of all media recorded, still images, or video, while represented as a model by 12 to 18 Management Ltd. This includes the downloading of images for personal use. The only limitation is that you cannot use any media from these workshops for representation by other agencies, and should you leave 12 to 18 Management all right to the media recorded ceases immediately.

A local location shoot costs a similar amount to a One to One shoot, however if you want to travel further afield, then more time is needed so the cost does go up. One thing to bear in mind about the cost is that there can also be other expenses involved. The prices in the table assume the location is within around thirty minutes’ drive from the studio and some of the shoot duration may be used in travelling. For shoots in places like central London the cost of train tickets etc. will also need to be factored in. The prices quoted in the table do not include expenses like these.