The workshop cost for this type of workshop are shown below.
Workshop type Duration (minutes) Deposit Cost
Two hour one to one shoot 120 £10.00*1 £106.00*2
Three hour one to one shoot 180 £10.00*1 £138.00*2
Four hour one to one shoot 240 £10.00*1 £178.00*2

*1The workshop deposit, if any, is payable at the time of booking, with the balance (cost minus deposit paid) being payable on the workshop due date, which is usually 7 days before the actual workshop session.

*2Included in the cost of this workshop is the right to use of all media recorded, still images, or video, while represented as a model by 12 to 18 Management Ltd. This includes the downloading of images for personal use. The only limitation is that you cannot use any media from these workshops for representation by other agencies, and should you leave 12 to 18 Management all right to the media recorded ceases immediately.