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Getting Started

Getting started in the world of teenage modelling is very difficult, it takes a great deal of hard work and dedication, there are no quick paths to instant success and fame. To be successful you need to be good at your chosen career, it's as simple as that.

Just being a pretty face isn't enough these days. The demands of a client can be very high, as can the rewards, but to reap those rewards you've got to be the best at what you do.

12 to 18 are different to any other agency we know of.

Generally speaking, to apply to another agency you would complete an application form, send in a couple of photos, and then wait to see if you get invited for a test shoot. On the test shoot it's then up to you to suddenly become some sort of super model instinctively knowing exactly what to do so that you can impress your potential new agency. Sounds good, or maybe rather scary?

Unless you are that undiscovered totally ready to go super model you will probably be thinking that's quite a scary process. Well here's the good news, 12 to 18 do things just that little bit differently.

Liberty Sanders - elite model 12 to 18  model management
Miss Liberty Sanders - Elite Model 12 to 18 Management

Do I Still Have to Apply Then?

Yes, we will ask you to apply, and we will get you along for a test shoot, but that's where the similarities end. For a start on that test shoot we will give you a lot of help. We will have one of our elite models there to show you exactly what to do. You can quite literally copy their poses as they work alongside you, allowing you to show us what you can do without the stress of thinking up your own poses. You will have to learn them in the future but we know from experience that they can be taught to the right people. What we want to see is how you are in front of the camera, whether you enjoy it, and how well you work with the team, that's the important thing.

Do You Accept Everyone?

The short answer is no, definitely not. However you shouldn't panic, it's not a case of who's the prettiest or most handsome, or even who's the slimmest or tallest. What is really important is that modelling is right for you and that we feel we can work with you. Basically it comes down to personality and attitude more than looks or figure. That doesn't mean you have to be the life and soul of the party either, some of our best models are really quiet, but then again some hardly ever shut up either, we have a really good mixture.

What's it Going to Cost?

There are effectively two sides to what we do. The first is the agency side and for that we do not make a charge for representation or other agency related services that we provide. The only money we take is in the form of commission from any work we provide for you. So if we don't find you any work then you don't pay us any commission. The other side of what we do is train you up. You don't get to a good standard without experience and the way you get experience with us is primarily through training. As with all training it does have a cost and you can find loads of detail about the training and associated costs on our Model Portfolio Program page.

So How Do I Get Started Then?

The first step of the process is to complete our on line application form. It's not complicated but will take you around fifteen minutes to complete as you are required to enter in some details about yourself as well as uploading a couple of recent photos. Don't worry about the photos though, we're not expecting studio quality shots. We simply want a rough idea of what you look like.

Once your application is received by us our team will review it and if we like what we see then we will invite you along to one of our New Models' events. These sessions tell you everything you need to know about becoming a teenage model and how we can help you get there. As a part of this event you will also have your very first test shoot.

If we like you and offer you a place with us then the next step is usually to start on our Model Portfolio Program. The Model Portfolio Program is a series of training shoots and workshops designed to give you the skills you really need to know while developing a vast portfolio of still shots and video.

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