The Model Portfolio Program.

Miss Callie Watts - Face of 12 to 18 Management

The Model Portfolio Program is designed as a complete package for teenagers who are genuinely interested in a career in modelling and want the best start possible. In short it is a series of coached studio and location photo shoots, commercial video sessions, and catwalk, training provided by an experienced team that in turn provides you with the skills required by a professional teenage model.

The Model Portfolio Program is made up of the photo shoots and workshops and training sessions detailed below and on the associated pages. However simply attending these sessions will not turn you in to the next top model. You have to bring certain skills with you and a large amount of will power and determination to succeed. Success as a model cannot be bought and requires a lot of hard work. If you are prepared to put in this level of commitment then read on.

"The Model Portfolio Programme has developed over the last couple of years, when it first came about, it focused on still shoots and how we could develop our modelling skills. This was a great confidence boost to start and then the program developed and started doing video workshops, this really enabled us to develop our modelling skills and confidence. Now there is also catwalk workshops available which is another key area a professional model has to be trained in, to be a well rounded model. Thanks to this programme all the models can now develop their modelling skills to a professional standard and be confident in what they do."

Miss Callie Watts Model coach and founder of the Model Portfolio Program

A Short History Lesson

Callie Watts, pictured above, is the face of 12 to 18 Management, and was the very first model to start on the Model Portfolio Program. As such Callie has helped develop the program, often being the guinea pig for various shoots and workshops as they have been created. 12 to 18 Management work very closely with all their models to ensure that they have all the skills required for the modern modelling industry.

Why Training?

Many people ask why do we insist on training our models, surely it's just a case of get a portfolio and away you go! This is a total misconception because modelling requires each model to know what they are doing. Modelling jobs even for teenagers can have pay packets well in excess of £1000 and as such the client expects a level of professionalism from those who work for them, regardless of their age.

To help explain this need think about these examples; if a teenager wanted to become a dancer then they would take dance lessons; if they wanted to become a piano player then they would take piano lessons, and if they wanted to become a boxer then they would take boxing lessons. If they didn't and the same teenager was suddenly put on stage to dance in front of a thousand people, play piano to a theatre audience, or face a trained opponent in the boxing ring, the chances are they wouldn't come out of the experience very well.

Modelling is no different and putting a teenager in front of a video camera to record a commercial for a top brand would only end in disaster for all those involved. Being a pretty face with a portfolio doesn't make them good. We can't think of one reason why a parent would ever want to put their child in that situation; that's why training is so important.

Shoot and Workshops

The Model Portfolio Program is made up of a series of shoots and workshops that will collectively enable you to learn all the skills you will need as a professional teenage model.

Use the tabs below to find out about each type of shoot and workshop that we have available.

Clicking on a shoot title will expand the page to view the details of that shoot.

Your modelling workshop gives you the core skills you need.

If we liked what you showed us during your test shoot the next step is to take part in a modelling workshop. The Modelling Workshop is the only compulsory shoot that you have to do as a part of your training. this is because it's this session that gives you the core skills you will need to take forward and develop throughout the rest of the Model Portfolio Program.

How it works.

The Modelling Workshop is a session with the model, a photographer, and most importantly our leading model coach, Miss Callie Watts. The purpose of the session is to take the skills we observed during your test shoot and use our experience to enhance and develop them. At the start of the session it's quite likely that you will be copying the poses demonstrated to you by our model coach, however by the end of the workshop you should be able to pose for a number of shots unaided.

Miss Layla Wood - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Miss Layla Wood - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management


For your modelling workshop you will need to bring with you approximately seven or eight outfits. These should cover a variety of styles from casual right the way through to glamorous party style outfits as shown in the examples on this page. If you wish you can even include outfits based on a cultural theme or perhaps a sporting or dance interest, the choice is up to you.

We do like a mixture of styles and outfits though and frequently start with a simple outfit such as shorts and a T-shirt. In this outfit you will warm up and start to learn some core poses.

Outfits you might like to bring with you could include jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts; a variety of tops of different fabrics and colours. Try not to bring excessive amounts of black or white garments. These can look effective but can also get a little repetitive after a while. Dresses of all styles are good. A little black dress is a must, but don't discount a nice summery flowing dress that could be blown around with a wind machine.

Make sure you bring a boob tube or bandeau with you for beauty shots, an unbranded white T-shirt for your first cover shot, and don't forget things like various shoes including high heels. Heels are a must for your shoots and you will need a black pair that fit well and possibly a nude coloured pair in the future.

Accessories such as bags, hats and jackets work well and give you something to do with your hands. Jewellery is also useful and can be used as a prop as well as simply looking nice.

Being professional.

The whole purpose of the Model Portfolio Program is to create a professional teenage model out of you and as such we will start as we mean to go on. Your appearance is everything so hair and makeup are crucially important, as are the clothes you wear. This doesn't mean that your clothes need to be expensive, and neither does it mean that you need a new hair do every time you come to us. What it does mean however is that you take as much care as possible both in preparation and during your shoot.

We are keen that all our models have a good appearance and have a few pet hates you would do well to avoid from the start, such as:

  • Hair bands on wrists.
  • Wrong colour hair bands for your hair.
  • Similarly hair clips, make sure they are the right colour for your hair.
  • Bitten finger nails. Don't bite them, or at very least get some good false nails.
  • Painted nails are a no no. They must be nude or French manicured. Colours are not allowed apart from exceptional circumstances.
  • Underwear, or more specifically seeing underwear through your clothing.
    • Make sure you have the right coloured bra for your outfit. Black bras under white tops is not a good look.
    • Similarly bra straps with strapless tops, don't do it! Bring a strapless bra.
    • Patterned knickers under tight leggings. Sorry but we don't want to see them.
  • Creased clothing. Again not a good look. Prepare for your shoot and hang things up so they don't crease.
  • Washed out clothing. Tops that have been washed so many times they are fading don't look good on camera.
Miss Layla Wood - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

"I really enjoyed my modelling workshop. I was quite nervous to begin with as I have never had a shoot before. It was all new to me and took me straight out of my comfort zone, But because of the help from the Elite model Callie Watts and the photographer Nick Beckley I soon relaxed and gained in confidence.

Working with Callie Watts was such a great experience as she helped me with my poses and gave me small tips on how to stand and how to move my hands in a certain way. Callie has such great experience in modelling and is a great mentor.

I modelled nine different outfits, plus we have a portfolio cover shot and a beauty shoot. I loved being able to wear what I liked and being able to take photos in my favourite outfits was the best.

The photographer Nick Beckley also gave me helpful advice about what clothes go right with the correct shoes. Overall I gained so much experience and I felt more confident in myself and my photos."

Layla Wood 12 to 18 elite model

As the session progresses.

In between each outfit our model coach will help you with your outfit selection and also assist you with some makeup and hair styling. Bring your hair and makeup kit with you so you can make these adjustments on the day. If you don't have much don't worry, it's not essential at the start, styling comes later in our Makeup Workshops.

At the start of the session the model coach poses along side the photographer in the same way the Elite model did at your test shoot, only this time you will get a lot more verbal instruction on your posing as well. As you progress through your outfits your confidence and skill will grow right up until your very last set.

The last photo set.

The last photo set is something of a special one. It will be your very first shoot session where you are posing unaided and on your own. For this session the model coach will step aside and keep quiet while you demonstrate what you've learnt by way of a sequence of poses. For this set you will be given a number of poses you are expected to do in rapid succession. This can be anywhere from fifty onwards.

What will you learn?

At the end of the session you will have learnt many skills to do with a stills photo shoot. You will have a core sequence of poses that you can use for each shoot you do and start to develop, as well as some quality presentation skills. You will have started to learn how to take direction from a professional photographer and will have a basic understanding of how a photo studio works.

How much does it cost?

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Modelling workshop 120 £180.00 £60.00
Modelling workshop 180 £240.00 £60.00
Modelling workshop 240 £320.00 £60.00

The Model Portfolio Program is a professional training course drawing on the skills of many industry professionals such as top international models, model coaches, makeup artists, and photographers. As such it does have a cost, however we have tried our best to make it affordable for as many potential new models as we can.

Where possible we like our models to book a three hour modelling workshop to start with. You can get a lot done in three hours which in turn means you will learn a lot.

If you would like to take part but feel that paying for this shoot in one lump would potentially stop you from doing so then take a look at our payment options page.


Further develop your skills with One to One shoots.

Once you have had your first Modelling Workshop you need to continue to develop your modelling skills. Throughout all your workshops and training sessions with us we will monitor your progress and look for the areas where you are strongest as well as areas where you need improvement. It's these skills we will work on during your One to One shoots.

Miss Shannon Owen - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Miss Shannon Owen - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

So What Are They All About?

As an example some new models my find it difficult posing with a natural smile to camera. Alternatively it may be working with props, as Shannon is in the photo, or work showing different emotions. Well it's these sort of things that are attended to in your One to One shoots.

It is quite possible that you will attend more than one of these shoots, depending on your particular needs. In fact most of our models will do at least one of these shoots a year, sometimes two.


As with all your shoots outfits are important. The exact outfits you bring with you will of course depend on what it is we are working on and as such can be extremely varied. The emphasis in the One to One shoots is of course the posing, that's what really matters.

In One to One shoots accessories play a more important role than before. They are often used as props during the shoot, especially if the shoot has a more commercial theme.

Miss Shannon Owen - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Miss Shannon Owen - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

Live feedback.

During nearly all of your studio based photo shoots and workshops you will benefit from our live feedback system. In the studio there is a screen which displays the photos being taken in real time. This enables the team to give you feedback on the photos being recorded and helps you to understand exactly what makes a good photo, and perhaps more importantly what makes a bad one!

"One to one shoots allow you to gather all your experience and put it into style! You can put your ideas from other shoots and make it your own. They also allow you to think outside of the box and challenge your imagination! It is also an opportunity to fill the missing spaces you may have in your portfolio and improve and better yourself as a model. With the support of 12 to 18, you can also experiment with different props, backgrounds and outfits. I really enjoy one to one sessions.

Personally, every one to one I book is always a challenge. I gain quite a lot walking away from these shoots, if its just how to simply move my hand to make the picture look that bit better or a different hairstyle. I make the shoots my own and that’s what I like about it. You can be yourself, express yourself to your peers and show off your skills!"

Miss Shannon Owen 12 to 18 elite model

Photos, photos, photos.

Of course during all your stills related shoots there are many photos taken. All the photos taken during your studio based shoots are uploaded to the private area of our web site for you to view and it's these shots that ultimately make up your portfolio. However it's not all about the portfolio, it's about learning. By seeing all the photos from your shoots, not just the good ones, you learn what looks good for you, but more importantly what doesn't. That way on your next shoot you will know to avoid certain positions or even complete poses because they simply don't look good.

Because of the wide variety of subjects that can be covered in a one to one shoot there are many different lengths of shoot available. The most frequently booked is a two hour shoot as this allows for several outfit changes and subjects to be covered. If you have something more elaborate in mind then you may want to book a longer shoot. The shorter versions are available for if you want to address one particular thing, such as getting a new head shot perhaps.

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
One to One 30 £50.00 £20.00
One to One 60 £70.00 £30.00
One to One 120 £120.00 £30.00
One to One 180 £160.00 £60.00
One to One 300 £230.00 £220.00

What's next?

Once you have developed your skills in the studio then it may well be time to venture outside for a location shoot.

Location shoots offer new and exciting challenges.

Once you have got proficient in the studio it will be time to venture outside. Working outside on location offers a completely new set of opportunities and challenges that every model needs to get to grips with.

One of the best and most obvious things you gain out of a location shoot is some excellent portfolio shots. Photos taken in t he studio are great but getting outside and working in a real location is amazing. A lot of time and effort goes in to planning each location shoot, they are definitely not something you can just get up in the morning and do.

Miss Liberty Sanders - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Miss Liberty Sanders - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

It's a lot harder than it looks!

Working in a studio can be hard work but there are elements that are so simple you don't even think about them. However when you're outside there are some basic tasks that become rather difficult, such as:

  1. Carrying your modelling kit and wardrobe from location to location. For a long shoot you may need several outfits and you've got to bring them along with you. The chances of being able to nip back to the car to get the next one are quite unlikely.
  2. Talking of outfits, getting changed becomes a challenge in itself. Putting on a party dress outdoors with nothing but a towel to protect your modesty takes some doing.
  3. Finding somewhere to do your hair and adjust your makeup can be almost impossible. Yet somehow you're expected to still look good.
  4. Then there are things like the sheer distance you might have to walk to your location. That could kill your feet before you even start.

Of course there are some features of an outdoor location shoot that are totally new:

  1. There is a good chance you will have an audience. The good old British public love to watch a photo shoot, especially if it's a quiet location. Sometimes you're better off choosing the centre of London as there people don't seem to even notice.
  2. The weather will make a huge difference.
    1. On many shoots as a model you will be shooting fashion items out of season. So winter coats in the summer and bikinis in the winter. Your job is to make them look great even if you're freezing.
    2. It could of course be raining! Rain doesn't necessarily stop a photo shoot. unless it's heavy rain doesn't really show up on a photo so the shots will be fine.

"For my location shoot we originally was just taking photos in a field/church setting, however we stumbled across an abandoned underground train which had been wrecked over the years. This was perfect for the shoot as it allowed me to get more grungy and nasty shots rather than just fun playful shots in the field.

Location shoots are definitely one of my favourite shoots as you can go into the shoot knowing your going to get a variety of photos that suits all different looks in all different backgrounds and you might even surprise yourself with how a weird unusual location, like the abandoned train, can give the best shots of the whole shoot."

liberty Sanders - leading elite model - 12 to 18 Management Ltd

What locations can I use?

We have a small list of local locations we use fairly regularly, however you are more than welcome to suggest others. If the location is private property then we may need to ask permissions and the location owners may ask a fee which would have to be paid.

What's the cost?

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Location shoot 120 £140.00 £60.00
Location shoot 180 £180.00 £60.00
Location shoot 240 £210.00 £60.00
Location shoot 360 £300.00 £100.00

A local location shoot costs a similar amount to a One to One shoot, however if you want to travel further a field then more time is needed so the cost does go up. One thing to bear in mind about the cost is that there can also be other expenses involved. The prices in the table assume the location is within around thirty minutes drive from the studio and some of the shoot duration may be used in travelling. For shoots in places like central London the cost of train tickets etc. will also need to be factored in. The prices quoted in the table do not include expenses like these.

Once one of our models has reached a high standard they are offered an Advanced Modelling Workshop.

Miss Erin Neild - Face of 12 to 18 Management
Miss Erin Neild - 12 to 18 Management elite model

These are with top professional model Katie Green. Advanced Modelling Workshops are run with two models sharing a four hour session. The session is intense to say the least as Katie gives the models the benefit of her tremendous professional experience.

So What's Different?

There are many differences between our normal Modelling Workshops and the advanced sessions with Katie. Firstly they are longer. Obviously they are shared but all this means is that while one model is being coached the other is changing and attending to styling. The pressure is on right from the start as each session lasts around ten to fifteen minutes. A quality professional look is a must during these shoots. Makeup and hair are expected to be perfect, as is the model's outfit and presentation. Unironed clothes, pink bras under white tops, painted nails, hair bands on wrists, are all banned! The approach here is that every shot should potentially be the best of the day. It's actually a fact that when our models put together their portfolios a large number of shots taken during their Advanced Modelling Workshop feature quite prominently.

Another difference is the sheer number of sessions and outfits worn. You can expect to wear at least eight different outfits, possibly more. Outfits are chosen by the model concerned but are always within certain themes. The themes help cover all aspects of modelling, whether it be fashion, beauty, commercial, or street / urban styled. Katie goes through all of these genres of modelling, giving her advice on each one drawn from her extensive knowledge. Every detail is polished, from facial expression, positioning of the hands in relation to the pose, and of course the bodily pose itself.

Miss Erin Neild - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Miss Erin Neild - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management


The photos on this page were taken from a recent Advanced Modelling Workshop with one of our leading models and face of 12 to 18, Miss Erin Neild.

  1. The first session of the day was what we refer to as a body crafting session. It's one about shape and grace and as such is best suited to a dance or gym style outfit.
  2. The following set is often one of elegance and style and demands a classy fitted dress.
  3. The next set was all about being a teenager, so the outfit required here is "a typical" teenage outfit. Quite often this is something quite simple like shorts and a casual top.
  4. Beauty shots follow which requires a simple boob tube or strapless top. The actual outfit isn't featured in the shot at all so it doesn't matter what it looks like, it's simply to provide the obvious cover.
  5. Moving on from beauty we tend to go towards a commercial feel. Katie was well known for being a Special K girl and we often try to give our models a taste of what is involved in this type of shoot.
  6. We then move on to more fashion related shots with a couple of different dresses. Usually it's one fitted and one flowing dress.
  7. Finally we go back to what is often a typical teenage outfit. We let our models choose an outfit which best describes themselves.

What you get from an Advanced Workshop is a massive amount of knowledge that you can use time and time again.

Advanced workshops are worth their weight in gold. Having the chance to learn from a top professional model is priceless. Katie comes to these sessions armed with a wealth of experience and ideas to create some amazing shots and refine your modelling to a very high standard.

"Any occasion that you get the chance to have Katie Green help you is a great one and you should definitely take it. Recently, I did a workshop with Katie and Cydney-Bo, one of the other Elite models; I've had the privilege of doing two of these workshops now and I honestly think they are the best ones to have. This is because its like a one to one but you have Katie there to help you throughout and doing it with another model as well means that it flows a lot easier, while you are having your pictures done the other model is getting ready and watching you, I also find that watching each other helps to reflect poses and you get the chance to learn from each other as well, they may even do something that you like and then want to try yourself for your own portfolio. You get some lovely, professional and unique shots from this shoot and you get the professional help from Katie which a lot of models don't get. Katie is great at teaching you ways to pose in order to look your best as she learns what looks best on you and directs you in the right direction."

Erin Neild Face of 12 to 18 Management Ltd

What we are aiming for here is a model who really understands the finer details of her profession. A model who is really committed to being as good as they can possibly be.

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Adv modelling workshop (shared) 240 £230.00 £75.00

These sessions are only open to our Elite models. There is little or no point in anyone less experienced taking part as they require a very high standard of modelling in the first place.

If you are interested in taking part in one of these sessions then simply contact a member of the team and they will happily talk to you about it in more detail.

Boys Commercial Head-shot Workshop

Male modelling is often very different to modelling done by girls. As such 12 to 18 have created a workshop specifically for the boys. It concentrates on three main areas, head shots, commercial shots, and lifestyle shots. In each case there is often an emphasis on looking cool, while not overdoing it.

Just because it's different doesn't mean it's any easier though. Coming up with quality poses takes a lot of doing especially if you're working with a very specific brief, such as when working with products such as aftershave. That's where Katie Green comes in. Katie isn't a male model quite obviously, but she has extensive knowledge in working with products as she has been the face of many top brands over the years. During these sessions it's this tremendous experience that really shines through; experience that Katie is only too keen to share.

The first photo on this page was taken during a recent workshop and is typical of the style needed for our male models. In the shot elite model Ryan Groves looks effortlessly out of the window showing off his amazing handsome looks.

Mr Ryan Groves - 12 to 18 Elite Model

Mr Ryan Groves - 12 to 18 Elite Model

Another major part of this workshop is to gain some really great lifestyle shots. Lifestyle shots are the ones that are supposed to look natural and not particularly posed. They might be taken simply sat in a chair, or even outside casually leaning against a wall. Of course it goes without saying that the model in question has to look cool while doing it.

"Taking part in the boys group shoot was fun. I felt in doing this shoot that I would have to give 110% to prove that I was a willing and able participant. Having Katie there was a great help and I was able to show her that I remembered most of what she had already taught me. However, Katie was there to impress on me: new poses, and angles of light, which I really appreciated. Working with the boys was quite easy as the boys are all easy going, and all have great sense of humours. I apologize for my mum butting in and trying to take over ;D."

Ryan Groves 12 to 18 elite model

Posing in this natural lifestyle way isn't as easy as it looks and takes a lot of practice. Once more this is where Katie Green comes in. Katie coaches our boys in the art of looking cool until it's the most natural thing for them to do.

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Mini advanced workshop 180 £95.00 £45.00

Swimwear workshops with Katie Green teach our models how to pose professionally and appropriately for their age.

Miss Isabel Croft - 12 to 18 Management Elite model
Miss Isabel Croft - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

Posing in swimwear as a teenage model is a delicate subject and needs to be done right. To help us do that top international model Katie Green uses her extensive skills to develop a model's posing ability. This session could easily be subtitled "How to not look sexy in a bikini." because that pretty much sums it up. There is often a misconception that to look good in a bikini or other swimwear item a girl has to pose provocatively. This is definitely not the idea and would indeed cause a fair bit of trouble all round.

It's all in the pose.

Posing in swimwear is about looking happy and natural, with the intention of presenting the outfit in a positive way, often for the purpose of selling it to other girls and women. The model needs to look relaxed and as though they don't have a care in the world while showing off the swimwear for all to see. It's easy to say but not so easy to do and requires a level of confidence that Katie can help you develop.

The young lady featured left is elite model Miss Isabel Croft. Izzie, as she likes to be known, is 16 and under Katie's instruction quickly learned some of the subtle differences about posing in swimwear.

"Swimwear modelling has played a pivotal role in improving my self confidence. My first opportunity to model swimwear was extremely daunting and I felt overwhelmed with nerves. As I stepped in front of the camera I felt completely exposed however was quickly reassured that the whole point of modelling swimwear was not about posing and showing off my figure, but instead to be someone potential customers can relate to.

With this came a natural smile, just like I would have if I was spending time with my friends at the beach. My next focus was making sure my nerves weren't apparent and instead a facade of confidence, this in turn making the viewer want to buy the product even more.

As the shoot progressed, I became more confident and the results were evidently showing it, looking more natural. From here, I became more aware of how I was standing, it was best to make sure the swimwear was visible, I was guided to gently hold my hands by the tips of my fingers over the belly button. This slight change of pose instantaneously improved my photos, an originally awkward and shy girl was now modelling swimwear with extreme confidence, almost as if I was a different person. I no longer felt exposed and vulnerable, instead I had overcome a barrier and felt simply unstoppable. Looking back, I completely understand my nerves yet I also see no point in them, feedback from Katie Green and others also helped me see my improvement, it was clear to me swimwear was potentially a huge part of my future and to think I wouldn't have known if I didn't give it a shot. The positive feedback continued to improve self belief even further however I cannot wait to see what I can do next, you can only improve."

Isabel Croft Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management Ltd

Throughout the session Izzie wore several different swimwear outfits, ranging from a full swimsuit, to the cute bikini featured here. Katie advised her on many great poses that would previously have had to be learnt the hard way. Thanks to Katie's expert tuition Izzie now has these skills to take forward in to her modelling career.

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Swimwear workshop 60 £95.00 £45.00

Video workshops give you priceless commercial skills.

Miss Charlotte Dickinson - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

12 to 18 Management focus on fashion, catwalk and commercial modelling, and Video Workshops play a large part towards this. Being familiar with a video environment is essential for a modern model. The days where all models did was pose for still photographs are long gone. Nowadays with the prolific growth of the Internet and a never ending range of TV channels being able to work in front of a video camera is crucial.


To help you do this 12 to 18 have a range of video workshops created with a commercial feel to them. Each workshop has a script that you will perform to camera. The entire script is made up of a few scenes where you talk about various aspects of your model training. How many scenes you do will depend on how well you take to video work and if you've done any work of this type before. If you've never done video work before then you can expect to do just the first scene.

Learning your script and talking out loud!

If you're the type of person who was always keen to read aloud in class then the chances are you will really enjoy this. For most of us though that's not often the case, and the added fear of forgetting your lines could seem like far too much pressure. At 12 to 18 we have this sorted. As with many commercial situations where you have more than just a few words to say, we have our very own Teleprompter system, or Autocue as it is sometimes referred to.

A Teleprompter is a device that displays the words you need to say directly in front of the camera you are looking at. The words scroll up the screen as you read them, which in turn means that once you've mastered this skill you don't have to worry about remembering your lines.

Miss Victoria Box - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Miss Victoria Box - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Using the Teleprompter system
Miss Victoria Box - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Miss Victoria Box - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Using the Teleprompter system

"Autocue training is not as easy as you initially think. We can all read right? But thinking about your environment, how you interact and how to make it seem like your not actually reading off script takes training, and I'd recommend it to everyone, as you never know when you might need it. I had my first go at this a while back now. Tip: read and get used to the script before you start, then you can memorise as much as you can and use the autocue for what it is.. a cue when you need it. You can then concentrate on your delivery. Using clever tricks like reading it from a mirror image, for example you can be demonstrating doing your makeup in front of a mirror and being able to see the autocue in the mirror behind you! Practise makes perfect, do it as much as you can. There are autocue apps available for you to download and practise at home. If you are asked at a casting to do a quick reading, like I have been before, you will feel confident to do it."

Miss Victoria Box 12 to 18 elite model

Take two...

For each scene you will have many attempts, or "takes", at getting it right. This is quite normal, and to put it in to context a twenty second TV commercial with just a few lines would often take eight hours or more to record. Once you've read your script this many times you're going to get it right. During our workshops however you're likely to do about thirty takes in all, but afterwards you should have the makings of a reasonable commercial video.

Take twenty two...

As you progress through your training session and as the words become easier you will build in various actions to make the scene more convincing. This may be simple hand gestures, walking form one part of the studio to another, or doing something much more complicated such as applying makeup as you talk. The video featured at the top of this page does just that and on a few occasions the model even has to read the Teleprompter in the mirror!

The final edit

After the session the best takes from your Video Training Session are edited in to a continuous short video for you to review. Assuming you've made a good job of your training 12 to 18 can then include it in your on-line portfolio so that potential clients can see how good you are.

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Video workshop 60 £80.00 £40.00
Video workshop 120 £140.00 £50.00

Catwalk Training to Ensure You Put The Right Foot Forward

There are three sides to being a successful model. Being good at photo and video skills are two of them, but the triangle isn't complete without good catwalk skills. Being able to walk properly on the catwalk may sound really easy, however things are not as easy as they seem.

But It's Only Walking!

You may also be thinking that you don't want to do runway work which is fine, but knowing how to walk elegantly while wearing a particular outfit is essential. On many shoots you'll be asked to walk through the set to create some natural flow to the scene. If you can't walk elegantly then this could be your undoing. For the girls the ability to walk in heels is something that should be second nature and shouldn't in any way remind your audience of a baby giraffe trying to stand for the first time! The boys don't get away easily either as they are also expected to walk with style. Big heavy feet clomping down the runway doesn't make for a good fashion show.

What's it all about?

Well catwalk sessions are about many things. The most obvious being the ability to walk and make an outfit look good while doing so. You have to bear in mind these outfits might not always fit perfectly and in some cases may be a million miles away from your usual fashion sense, yet you need to wear them and make them look good.

Fashion shows can be quite long and our training sessions reflect this. Usually they are four hours long and include individual, pairs and group training walks. Consequently you will find it ultra important that the shoes you wear are right. For the girls especially badly fitting heels will not only hurt but make you walk rather clumsily.

Many fashion shows are choreographed as well so it's not just a case of walking in a straight line. Our catwalk training sessions are no exception and we often try to mix things up a bit with some challenging walks and patterns. We've even been known to use alternative venues to make things more interesting.

Miss Chloe Egerton - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Miss Chloe Egerton - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management
Striking a pose on our latest catwalk session.

Behind the scenes.

One of the things that surprises most models is what happens behind the scenes. If you've ever watched a catwalk show you will see models walking elegantly along as though they are all totally calm and collected, yet in reality it's anything but that. Once they get back behind the scenes it's all systems go to get changed in to the next outfit. Often they will have less than two minutes to do so. If you've ideas of a casual change in a private dressing room back stage, then you're in for a nasty shock. In reality it's a frantic rush to get in to the next outfit. If you have any shy tendencies, then you will soon lose them. Changing is done in front of everyone back stage. For our sessions we try and separate the girls from the boys, but in reality they rarely care, with girls and boys getting changed. Next to each other. The simple fact is you're so busy you don't have time to think about what other people are doing, and they certainly don't have the time to stand and watch you.

Outfits are another consideration. We arrange out training sessions so that changing from one outfit to another isn't quite as simple as just putting on a different top. You could well go from a jeans and T shirt outfit, to a full prom dress or suit, and then back to a sports outfit.

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Catwalk training 240 £45.00 £20.00

"When doing the catwalk I love that there is always a variety of outfits some more challenging then others. One of my favourite ones was to create an outfit based on a famous icon and I chose Madonna. On the catwalk we do different styles of walks some individual and some in pairs. We have also done a walk in a rectangle as well as the traditional straight line. Our training is really important so that we can learn all the techniques to become a professional catwalk model and gain confidence. We are taught by the amazing Katie Green who gives us all her knowledge, guidance and encouragement. Getting changed behind the scenes can be tricky when there is challenging outfits but it's all part of the fun and training to become a professional catwalk model and I love every minute of it."

Miss Chloe Egerton 12 to 18 elite model

One thing for sure catwalk sessions are really enjoyable. There's a great spirit and friendship between the models and it really comes out through these events.

Makeup workshops to teach you all you need to know about makeup.

As a model makeup is crucial. Even as teenagers where frequently a natural look is required potential clients still want you to look your best. Whether it be a fashion shoot for a clothing brand, or a commercial shoot with a bowl of cereal, looking good is key.

On our makeup workshops you can learn everything you need to now about creating and applying a look for any occasion.

The standard workshop.

For those with little or no experience applying makeup, or those that simply need a helping hand, the standard workshop is the idea place to start. In this workshop you will be taught by our expert makeup artist, Lynsey Webb, exactly how to apply a perfect natural look. Lynsey is brilliant at this and uses her excellent teaching skills to maximum effect.

Your makeup workshop is incredibly hands on, you're not just shown how to do things, you will actually do them yourself. More importantly, when you make mistakes, which of course you will at first, Lynsey will show you how to put them right. It's this learning process that gives the workshop such value. We have had many models who tried really hard with their makeup but somehow didn't quite get the desired effect. After a session with Lynsey this was all solved and suddenly things started to fall in to place.

In addition to a natural look you will also be taught how to do a more glamorous look as well. This will continue on from the natural stage and include the application of false eye lashes, and perhaps a more dramatic eye makeup effect.

Each of the makeup workshop are for a set length of time and you can use this time as you wish. Lynsey appreciates that not every model's needs are the same so the actual content and subjects covered are very much up to you.

After each session a short photo shoo takes place to take advantage the amazing look you will have created. These photos not only serve to record what you did but also go towards your photo library which you can draw from for your modelling portfolio.

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Makeup workshop 180 £160.00 £60.00
Makeup Workshops teach you all you need to know about makeup for modelling

Makeup Workshops cover many different areas.

The advanced workshop.

Once you've mastered the basics of model makeup then you may want to take this to another level. For those who want to do this Lynsey offers an advanced workshop where she covers more complex skills, building on the foundation of the earlier sessions. This session is even more intense and can work on any aspect of makeup. this could be more elaborate eye makeup, right the way through to body painting. This could include the use of stencils to create special effects such as "flower petals" or full body painting to give a "leopard print" effect.

When booking an advanced session it is essential to discuss the effect you want to learn with the team. Body painting for example can take quite some time to complete so if you are after a complete look rather than just learning the skills for a later date then you will need to bear this in mind, and potentially book a longer session. A full body painted look can take up to six hours to complete, however the final effect would be well worth it and would provide you with some very special shots for your portfolio.

Shoot type Duration Cost Deposit
Adv makeup workshop 180 £175.00 £60.00
Adv makeup workshop 240 £200.00 £60.00
Adv makeup workshop 300 £240.00 £80.00
Adv makeup workshop 360 £270.00 £100.00
Miss Ashton Payne - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

Miss Ashton Payne - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

Commercial shoots.

As a model having makeup applied is very much part of the job. The makeup phase of a shoot can take form just a few minutes to several hours. On a commercial shoot there is a good chance you will have a makeup artist do your makeup for you, however knowing how to apply your own makeup is well worth it. In the early days as a model it is unlikely that there will be a makeup artist on every shoot and being able to create a look yourself could prove extremely valuable.

Creative Makeup

For some shoots you might need a level of makeup and styling that is simply beyond your own capabilities. On these occasions our lead makeup artist, Lynsey Webb, can help.

Lynsey has wealth of experience and a creative flair that will compliment any shoot idea  you may have. In addition to her own skills she also has her own team of assistant makeup artists and hair stylists to complete the shoot.

The Ice Queen

The photos and video on this page are from a recent shoot called the Ice Queen. The final look took nearly 4 hours of work for two makeup artists and one hair stylist before being shot. The shoot itself took an hour to capture the right image so a lot of work was involved by the entire team. You can watch the video to see it all condensed down to a little under two minutes.

In this particular case the purpose of the shoot was to help promote Lynsey's skills in her makeup and beauty work. Callie Watts, as the face of 12 to 18, was selected as the model. Her beautiful looks and amazing long blonde hair made her an ideal model for the shoot.

The shoot was planned meticulously down to the finest detail with mood boards and sample makeup being submitted several weeks in advance. An ice crown was custom made for the shoot and a white wedding dress was acquired. There was even a fitting session to make sure everything would do as it was supposed to. It was this planning that on the day made sure things went like clockwork, resulting in some amazing shots for both Lynsey and Callie.

Miss Callie Watts - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

Miss Callie Watts - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

The Ice Queen Video

The video below shows the progress of the shoot and the intricacy of the makeup involved. If you would like to get involved in such a shoot then all you need to do is ask. The best thing to do is come up with an idea and then contact us. We can then look at the detail involved and work out how long it should take and what materials will be involved. This will then let us work out a price. Don't let this put you off though, the chances are your shoot won't cost you as much as you may think.

Miss Callie Watts - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

Group shoots practice makes perfect!

Ashton Payne, Callie Watts, Charlotte Dickinson, Ryan Walshaw, Victoria Box, Leah Digby - Elite Models - 12 to 18 Management

Practice makes perfect is a very old saying but in this case it's spot on the money. To be a successful model you need to practice as much as you can. even professional models with several years in the business practice different things from time to time, and as a model on our model portfolio program this is very true for you.

Eight group shoots a year are free.

We hold twelve group shoots each year, one each month. Eight of these shoots are free with the remaining four having a small fee. To attend the group shoots you have to meet the qualifying criteria, although this is easy enough to do.

Free group shoots are usually two hours long and involve a small group and our leading photographer.

The remaining four group shoots are hosted by top international model Katie Green and as such have a fee. They are also usually four hours long and cover a great number of skills.

Regardless of whether it's a free shoot or not each shoot has a theme, or set of themes, that the models prepare for. The themes are quite varied and often involve skills such as fashion posing, makeup work, commercial posing, or even group work.

What can I expect to get out of a group shoot?

There are many skills you will learn from the group shoots, including:

  • Preparing for a specific themed shoot. Preparing an outfit or particular makeup look and style.
  • Posing in front of others. Each shoot is shared between approximately six to eight models and you will be expected to pose in front of them and their parents.
  • Posing and working with other models. As a model you will often work with others, and often other models you do not know. Having done this before will help you no end.
  • You will continue to build on your posing skills and be able to observe the other models. Initially most of these will be more experienced than you are and you can learn a great deal just from watching them.
  • You will learn to be brave and try things that perhaps you wouldn't do in a normal shoot. Some themes can be quite different and will challenge your posing skills and the way you interpret the theme.

"Group shoots allow you to experiment and try something new, which develops your creativity and modelling skills. It also enables you to watch the other models within the group and pick up new poses and skills."

Miss Callie Watts Face of 12 to 18 Management

Free Group Shoots

Eight out of the twelve monthly group shoots we old each year are free to those who have met the qualifying criteria.

Each free group shoot follows approximately the same format. Before the booking opens for a particular shoot a theme is decided and details published within the private area of our web site. Model's book their places using the relevant booking page and then get to work thinking about the theme and how they will best represent it.

Themes can be quite varied and one month might be about getting that perfect head shot, whereas other months could be about working together. The shot on this page featuring Callie Watts and Ryan Groves came from one such session. Some of our models had recently been to a casting for a job where they would have to play the part of two teenagers cuddling and potentially kissing at a bus stop. This raised the question of whether they would be comfortable taking part in such a shoot. So we put one together to test how they would feel. The models stopped just short of kissing but from the resulting set of photos you'd never know they weren't real couples.

Don't worry though, although we like to challenge our models they aren't pushed in to doing things they are not comfortable with. On the couples shoot all the models were asked how they would like to model the session, with many of the younger models choosing a more brother and sister style shot that was more relevant to their age.

Miss Callie Watts and Master Ryan Groves working closely together on a group shoot.

When we set a theme it's usually set in such a way that you can model it how you like. There is rarely a need for a specific outfit or look. Exactly what you do is up to you. The main thing is the resulting photos are for your portfolio and as such the only criteria is that you're happy with them.

On the day of the shoot you come along and take it in turns in front of the camera. You'll get to see what the other models do and learn from them. The groups tend to be a mixture of both our experienced Elite models, and those with less experience right down to our newest starters. It's a very friendly group where the parents get involved almost as much as the models.

Hosted Group Shoots with Katie Green

Master Joey O'Neill - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management - Head Shots group shoot!

Four times as year, usually March, June, September and December our group shoot format changes. Instead of a two hour session it turns in to a longer three or four hour session. On these occasions instead of the usual single theme we have two themes, and we also hold a mock casting.

As with the free sessions themes are decided beforehand, but this time Katie Green coaches the models on their modelling skills in keeping with the themes. For example the themes may be fashion related so she will advise on posing and posture. Alternatively the theme may be commercial based and working with a product of the day, so the instruction will be based on Katie's vast commercial experience.

"I have gained so much confidence during my first year with 12to18. As the only boy on many group shoots, I felt intimidated at first and also challenged with various themes to come up with and organise for group shoots and catwalk training. I am generally quite shy but the support and encouragement of the team as a whole has been fantastic and has given me the boost needed to strive for excellent results! I look forward to what the future with 12 to 18 will bring!"

Master Joey O'Neill 12 to 18 elite model

When Katie hosts a group shoot the level of shot produced usually increases as our models really step up their game to impress. Making the most of the experience of a top professional like Katie is invaluable. One of the reasons Katie is involved with us is because she wishes something like what we do was available when she was starting out. For her it's a chance to share her experiences and mentor some brilliant new models so that their career gets off on the right foot.

Over the past year or so Katie has not only brought her still modelling experience with her, but also her extensive TV experience. Katie can been seen several times a week modelling fashion on Ideal World TV.

Building on her combined stills and video work, as well as the simple fact she has attended many castings as a model, when Katie is with us we also host a mock casting.

What is a mock casting?

As a model success at a casting is vital. So as a part of your training we hold mock events to get you used what's involved.

For each casting a product is decided upon in advance and the models are told to go and  research it. They will look at the current and past advertising campaigns and decide how they would approach it in terms of outfit and styling.

From a model's perspective mock castings are a training exercise. They give the model an experience that is as real as possible so that when they get the chance for real they have a reasonable idea of what to expect and how they should perform. This experience is vital as it allows the model to approach real castings with a certain level of confidence they would not otherwise have.

From 12 to 18's perspective mock castings are a really good way to gauge what a model will react like under pressure. We see them as a way of deciding who is ready for the real world and who needs a little extra work. One thing is for sure every model taking part should take them very seriously. There can be only one winner, but everyone has the chance to impress the management team.

Master Ryan Walshaw - Elite Model - 12 to 18 Management

How do I qualify to take part?

Qualifying for a group shoot is simple and you do it automatically as you attend your individual shoots. Basically for each hour of paid for individual shoot you do you get one group shoot point. It doesn't matter whether it's still photographic work or video work, it all counts. You then trade these group shoot points in for your place on the free group shoots. In addition to individual shoots some of the more advanced shared sessions and workshops also earn you group shoot points.

So imagine you did your first Modelling Workshop in January and it was three hours long. This would mean you earn three group shoot points. Booking is done on a first come first served basis via our web site, so if you don't book quick enough you may not get in. There is a waiting list feature just in case someone cancels, however this doesn't happen very often.

As you do more shoots you add additional group shoot points and it doesn't take long before you have a year's worth or more.

In addition to attending the free group shoots once you have accrued enough points you can also trade them in against cheaper individual shoots as well.

Your Portfolio

People are often told that to become a model you need a portfolio, but before you rush out and spend thousands of pounds take time to think about what a model's portfolio actually is.

A model's portfolio is basically their CV.

A model's portfolio should always be a pictorial description of work that the model has not only done already, but be capable of reproducing time and time again. Given the same location, outfit and lighting conditions, a good model should be able to reproduce any photo in their portfolio at a moment's notice. What's more a good model will also know the difference between a good photo and a bad one so as not to waste valuable time shooting shots that just don't work.

A word of warning!

We have heard many stories of new models spending quite literally thousands of pounds on what is nothing more than an expensive photo shoot. Do NOT do this unless you have money to throw away.

How do you build your portfolio?

Quite simply to get a good portfolio you need experience. The way to get this experience is through training. While you are training you will naturally have many hundreds of photographs taken, both good and bad, and it's from the very best of these shots that you should create your portfolio. What we say here at 12 to 18 is...

Get the experience, and the portfolio will look after itself.

Once you have taken part in the various shoots and workshops that we put our models through you will have developed a great deal of skill and experience. Almost as a side effect of that you will have a huge library of photographs to draw from to create your portfolio.

As you progress from a trainee, through to a Rising Star and the ultimately an Elite model, your portfolio will grow with you. At each stage it gets more and more detailed. We also encourage you to update and refresh your portfolio as often as you can from your photo library as this keeps your on-line presence as fresh as possible.

The trainee and Rising Star portfolio are free. The only time you will pay for your portfolio is when you become an Elite model, and even then it's a one off payment. After that you can enjoy as many refreshes as you wish. It's all at your control via our web site. It really couldn't be easier.

How do I include my videos?

When you take part in a video training session or perhaps a catwalk we often produce a final edited version for you to see. To enable this we upload it to our YouTube channel where there is a playlist in your name. All videos on this playlist will then show through your portfolio page for potential clients to see.

What if I have other photos I want to include?

Sometimes a new model will have other photos that they would like to include in their portfolio. This is perfectly acceptable and there is a web page where you can upload these photos. You do have to make sure that you have the copyright owner's permission to include them and will need to get a consent form signed to this effect.

Victoria Box

Model Statistics
Age 17  (modelling 15  to 19 )
Model status Elite
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue
Height 161cm / 5ft 3¼in
Chest 86cm / 33¾in
Cup C
Waist 69cm / 27in
Hips 91cm / 35¾in
Inside leg 71cm / 28in
Shoe size Size 6
Model training
Total shoot hours: 210
Number of shoots: 78

Additional skills

Acting, Art , Badminton, Baking, Beauty, Creative Writing, Dance (freestyle) , Dance (General), Dance (Street), Dance(lyrical), Golf, Makeup, Performing Arts, Drama, photography, Running, Skiing, Skipping, Swimming, Trampolining

Watch Victoria in action.

Commercial Shoot Experience

Date Assignment Location Description
10 May 2015 First Car magazine London Featured in the 2015 Theory and Practical editions of First Car magazine View
10 May 2014 Bars and Melody - Hopeful London Featured in the Bars and Melody Hopeful video View

Victoria  is represented by 12 to 18 Management. To book Victoria , or any of our models, please contact us on 01245 90 5432 and select option 1 when prompted. Please note that 12 to 18 Management are responsible agents, and as such may ask for references before taking any bookings for our models.

Katie Green

Katie Green is an international model with a wealth of modelling experience and very impressive list of previous clients.

Published in (to name a few) : The Sun, The Mail, News of the World, The Daily Star/Sunday Star, The Express, The Daily Sport, The Mirror, The People, Loaded, Nuts, Zoo, Maxim, FHM, Ice, Front, Heat, Love It! Magazine, Marie Claire, OK! Magazine, Bella, Company, Hello, Closer Magazine.....

TV work includes Sky One's Soccer am, Burger King Ad 2010 and a small role in Russell Brands film 'Get him to the Greek'. However more recently Katie can be found on Fashion World TV in her regular weekly spot as one of their main fashion models.

She has been the face of Wonderbra throughout billboards in London and also the face of Ultimo D-G range. Katie is the face of the Sony Bravia TV and fronting an advertising campaign for 'Skinny Water' made by Bio-Synergy. She has been a Special K girl and is the main model for Nikon throughout the UK attending all seminars and road shows. Katie is currently the face of Avon Cosmetics and works frequently for Ideal World Fashion TV.

''With more than 16 years of modelling experience under my belt, I've also been model coaching with 12-18 since 2012, and throughout this time the benefits of my mentoring has been clear to see. It is such a joy for me to see an individual's modelling skills go from strength to strength, and I'd like to think that I provide the invaluable knowledge and advice for pursuing a career in this industry. Modelling skill and confidence go hand in hand, and as a body confidence ambassador myself, I enforce a 'positive body image mentality' with all of the models, regardless of shape/gender. I truly feel that this is what sets 12-18 apart from any other model portfolio program out there; we nurture and care for our models.

Whether it be a group coaching workshop, or a more intensive individual course, I always ensure that each session is valuable learning time. I take a 'hands on' approach, and invest time before each session choosing themes and discussing aspects like lighting with Nick, so together we can produce images a model would be proud to put in their portfolio."

Katie Green International Model and 'Say no to Size 0' Campaigner.
Miss Katie Green - International Model
Miss Katie Green - International Model

Charity Work

Somehow Katie makes time in her very busy schedule to do some amazing charity work. Katie's kind and caring nature make her ideal for her role as an ambassador of a charity called Dreams Come True , which aims to give children with terminal illnesses the chance to live their dream.

Plus Size

Katie is what is known as a plus size model. Laughingly this rather unflattering title refers to models who are size 10 and over. Katie is a very shapely size 12 and wouldn't have it any other way. She was famously told to loose two stone after winning a competition to be the face of Wonderbra, and subsequently launched the "Say no to Size 0" campaign.

Katie and 12 to 18

Katie has been coaching our models since September 2012. During this time many of our models have benefited from her vast modelling experience. Katie currently joins us four times a year for group coaching sessions, along with another four times a year for catwalk training. She is also available for two to one, or even one to one model coaching for our Elite models. No matter what the occasion, a session with Katie is always a valuable one. If you get the opportunity to have one then we strongly urge you to take it.

Callie Watts

Miss Callie Watts - Lead Model Coach
Miss Callie Watts - Lead Model Coach

Callie Watts is our newest model coach although she has been involved with 12 to 18 for over five years. She has recently moved on to the coaching team after spending five years with us as a model and the face of our agency. In fact almost all the training shoots and workshops we currently hold were developed by Callie. It's because of this that Callie totally understands what it means to be a model with 12 to 18 and why she makes such a good model coach.

Callie started modelling when she was about 5 years old which means she has been modelling for over 13 years. She totally understands what it's like to be a new model faced with all the challenges that modern modelling requires and is ideally placed to help you deal with them.

Callie is really understanding and because she has worked with all our models at one time or another knows how to instruct models of different abilities and skill sets. Callie is an awesome photographic model, she is highly talented at video work, and one of our very best catwalk models. Callie has appeared in various shoots and TV commercials for companies like ASDA and M&S, as well as a couple of music videos and even on a CD cover for a band. Recently she even travelled to Poland to shoot a commercial for a major chocolate brand over there.

As I have been modelling since I was little I feel that over the years I have been able to perfect my modelling skills and expand on my knowledge regarding modelling. I feel that I now know what is required of a model which I am more then happy to pass onto new inspired models. I can give them the tips that I have learnt over the years which will help them become the best model they can be.

So Much More Than A Model

Callie understands what makes a good shoot and although learning how to pose is the main purpose of the session looking good is also important. To help you Callie will advise you on what outfits to wear for each session, suggest styling changes, or even makeup looks. For Callie it's about the finer detail. Her experience has taught her that every little detail matters and she coaches with that attitude right from the start. She's keen to point out that modelling isn't a job, it's a way of life, and every new model has to have the right outlook on it to succeed.

An Ideal Role Model

With Callie you get a lot more than just an ordinary model; you get someone who cares. When we invited Callie to join our coaching team she was keen to bring more than just her modelling skills. She wanted very much to not just be a coach but to be a mentor for the new models. Someone who they could turn to for advice and talk to if they have worries or concerns. Callie knows that as a model life has it's ups and downs and having someone there to talk to on the lower moments is invaluable. Many models have a wobble every now and then. Perhaps it's because they've not had a sniff of a casting for quite some time, or maybe they keep getting rejected. Callie has been there and knows what it feels like and it's this experience that sets her apart from the rest.

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