Every models career with us starts with a New Models' Event.

Your new models' event is where you find out all about teenage modelling, 12 to 18 Management, our training program, and how it all fits together. You'll be given all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether modelling is the right career for you.

New Models' Event are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Our next event is being held on 21 Oct 2018 starting at 10:00AM . This event is scheduled to last around four hours and is split in to four parts.

Part One - The Presentation.

To start the event off we hold a presentation that ells you everything you need to know about teenage modelling, our agency, the Model Portfolio Program, and how it all fits together. The presentation is hosted by 12 to 18's managing director, Nick Beckley, and is accompanied by a small selection of our top models, and often a few of their parents.

The presentation is a great opportunity to hear about the extensive range of shoot and workshops you can get involved with, to give you all the skills you will need to become a successful professional model.

As a part of the presentation you will get to see many examples of our work in both pictures and video. You will also be able to talk to any member of the team and will be encouraged to ask questions.

At the end of the presentation you will be asked if you would like to remain for the rest of the event and be given the opportunity to take part in a test shoot. You do not have to at all, you're under no obligation to stay if you do not want to. From experience we have found that it's not in anyone's interest to try and convince you that modelling is for you. Modelling is hard, very hard, and if you're not totally sold on the idea then our advice is to walk away.

Miss Victoria Box - Face of 12 to 18 Management

Part Two - The Interview.

It might sound a bit scary but really you've nothing to worry about. After the presentation all potential new models will be asked to wait in the waiting room, and one by one you will be called back for your interview. The interview only takes about ten minutes, and it's your chance to ask any questions that you either didn't think of during the presentation, or wanted to ask privately. As a part of the interview we will ask you about some of the aspects of what we do to make sure you're happy and understand how it works.

The interview is conducted by Nick and one or two of the elite models. We find that it's good to see how new models get along with our existing ones, and to be honest it's less daunting having people their own age there as well.

During the interview we are keen to hear the new model speak. It's often a natural reaction for the parents to want to answer on their child's behalf, but we ask that they try their very best not to do this. There are questions for the parents as well so don't worry you will get your turn to tell us how amazing your son or daughter is.

At the end of the interview you will return to the waiting room. At this point you should start getting ready for your test shoot which is coming up next.

Part Three - The Test Shoot.

Test shoots are FREE. We don't charge you to see how good you are. We believe everyone who has the drive and determination to become a teenage model deserves the chance to show us what they can do.

Your test shoot should last around 15 minutes, and during it you will wear two outfits that you bring with you. The first outfit can be what you came in, or an be something that you've brought with you to change in to. The second outfit will naturally require you to get changed. These outfits should above all be outfits that you are comfortable in and you feel show you off the way you want to be seen. It doesn't matter how pretty a particular item of clothing is, if it's not comfortable then you will be uneasy in your shoot which will show in the photos and very much influence the outcome.

A good starter outfit is something nice and simple like jeans and a T-short or vest top. We suggest this because it's something most people have and feel happy in. This way you can concentrate on your posing without having to worry about the clothes.

Your second outfit should be something more model like. It's up to you what you wear but just make sure that it shows you off in a positive way.

During the shoot you will be guided on how to pose and take instruction. At first many new models find that thinking of poses to do is quite hard. To help you with this you will be assisted by one of our Elite models such as Charlotte pictured left. It's the job of our Elite models to help the new trainee models with their first steps. During the shoot the Elite model poses alongside the photographer as if he were taking photos of them. This means that you can quite easily copy their pose yourself. As time goes by during the shoot the chances are you might start throwing in some of your own ideas. That's great and is just what we are looking for. Another good thing about being accompanied on a test shoot is that if you start with us and attend group shoots you will already know at least one of the models, making the group shoots a little less daunting.

Miss Victoria Box - Face of 12 to 18 Management

Part Four - The decision

Once your have completed your test shoot you will return to the waiting room for one last time. Once everyone's test shoots have been completed the team will review how you did.

We are looking for friendly positive people with the right attitude and frame of mind to become a successful model. What's more we are hoping to see that they are also closely supported by their family who share their dream and want to make it happen for them.

The team will review your test shoot, looking at how well you posed and took direction, as well as the end results. Don't worry if you're not a supermodel, we've not met one yet. What we are looking for is a spark, a certain something that makes us think you could be our next top model.

Once we have deliberated over everyone's performance we will call you back in one at a time to deliver our decision to you. We will try and make this as quick and painless as possible. in the event it's not good news we will try and make suggestions about what you could improve on, or other avenues you could follow.

Assuming it's good news then we will have a brief chat about getting your training started. It's a good idea to bring your diary with you so that we can talk dates.

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